Where To Surf In Mount Maunganui

Although Mount Maunganui might not be famous for its high class performance waves, it has numerous beginner friendly spots perfectly suited for learning to surf. 

Sure, Raglan is the jewel in the crown when it comes to the advanced side of the sport, but the Mount is untouchable when it comes to the beginner stages, with its user friendly surf. 

So if you’re visiting the Mount and you want to find waves and surf whilst you’re here, keep reading to find out more.



Mount Main beach is the epicentre of surfing in the Mount. 

The beach break itself is the only spot on the coast that is protected in South Easterly winds, making it a very popular option.

The far North and middle of the beach offer up some fun beach break waves, breaking right and left, best at a low to mid tide. 

But the biggest draw is the Southern end of the beach, the ‘Blow Hole’ - A sand bottom right hand point break breaking off Motoriki Island. 

On it’s day the Blow Hole can produce 200m+ waves, breaking all the way through to the beach. 

But be warned, it does get very crowded. 


Shark Alley (terrible name I know) is where we run our surf lessons each day. 

The beach itself is well known as the best beach to learn to surf in the area. 

Protected at both ends by Motoriki Island, and Mussel Rock too, it provides the perfect, safe canvas for people learning to surf for the first time. 

The waves break best here at mid to high tide. 


Mussel Rock is a little bit of a hidden gem, and on its day can produce long left hand breaking waves over 150m long. 

The wave itself is really soft breaking, making it ideal for longboarding and beginners riding bigger boards too. 

At only a 100m walk away from our Surf School location, it’s the perfect spot to hire a surfboard and go hit the surf. 


This is one of those spots that rarely works - is definitely a novelty - but when all the conditions align can be one of the funnest waves on the coast. 

The swell wraps around Rabbit Island out to sea, creating super wedgy waves as the two swells collide. 

Expect chaotic, short, sharp waves with plenty of power, and the occasional tube if you’re lucky. 


The open beaches encapsulate basically the whole coast down to Papamoa. 

Each surf spot generally takes the name of the street access next to it, and each of the spots tend to be very similar, and all depend on the sandbank formations on the day. 

The most popular spots on the open beaches are as follows: 

  • TAY ST


Now there is a surf spot in Mount Maunganui that’s unlike any other, that produces world class waves, with thumping barrels breaking close to shore. 

It’s a wave you’ll need a boat to access, but if you find it and you score it, you could have the surf of your life. 

It’s a bit of a secret spot, so I’ll let you do your research to find it, but it’s well worth doing the digging if getting tubed is your thing. 


Surfing in Mount Maunganui is growing in popularity more and more, and for good reason. 

The waves are fun as hell, the water is crystal clear, and the white sandy beaches are beautiful too. 

With so many spots to choose from, you’re bound to find somewhere for your level when you’re here. 

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