5-Week SURF THERAPY Program: Breathe in, paddle out!


A free charity surf program for women that are dealing with any form of trauma/mental challenges.



  • Ages: 18+
  • Price: FREE
  • Equipment Included: Surfboard & Wetsuit (If you've got your own, bring it along)
  • Duration: 120Mins | Every Friday For 5-Weeks
  • Location: Mount Maunganui
  • Time: Friday 22nd December |  5pm - 7pm

Certified Surf Instructors

First Aid Trained

Lifeguard Qualified

Safety First: Learn to surf in safe hands with our experienced, expert Certified Level 1 Surf Instructors who are Lifeguard, and First Aid trained. 

The purpose of this program is to empower women who are dealing with any form of trauma and/or life challenges - using surf and the ocean as the medium. 


Hey, I'm Yente, and I'll be along for the ride with you all for the duration of this program.

Being in and around the ocean helped me personally A LOT. 

It changed me as a person, making me so much more resilient, so much so that I can honestly say it's changed my life! 

As a kid that was bullied a lot, my default became being a people pleaser, the mask I wore to prevent the bullying from happening again.

The result...

...bucket loads of anxiety!

Couple that with ADHD, and you've got the not-so perfect recipe for a very unhappy period in my life. 

I sought professional help with therapy sessions, which certainly helped, but nothing was as healing and comforting as being near the ocean, and surfing especially. 

I've experienced first hand the incredibly positive changes this had on my life, and through crazy amounts of time in the ocean I feel so much more confidence and resilience as a result. 

And I want others to experience the same, and that's how this whole 'Surf Therapy' thing got started.

About the PROGRAM:

This is a 5-Week Surf Therapy Program (running each Friday at 5pm from Jan 26th), which means that surfing is used as a tool to improve mental wellbeing.

It's all about connecting, sharing experiences (only if you want to and feel comfortable) and using surfing as a metaphor to real-life. 

During each 2 hour session we will start off in our beach circle, creating a safe and trusting group environment where you and your story are 100% safe.

We encourage you to share how you feel, but only if you feel comfortable!

After having a chat we tune in with being present and in the moment - trying to let go of the challenges you're facing. 

Then it's time to hit the water!

You'll be in the water with qualified instructors throughout, and we'll get out there, jam it out, and leave it all in the water. 

At the end of the session we'll have a small round of reflection, closing off together in a way that feels right for everyone.

After this you are more than welcome to hang around and chat with the other wāhine until your hearts content. 


The session is led by experienced surf instructors who all have their level 1 certificate, alongside being lifeguard and first-aid trained.

They're also educated in how to connect physical activity to mental wellbeing. 

Breath in, sign-up:

If you'd like to sign up and join the program select the date, click Book Now and go through the online booking process. 

There's limited spots (only x10) so get in early to avoid disappointment. 

We're so excited to connect with you all, and share this journey of empowerment together with you. 

IMPORTANT: This program is run by volunteers!

We will be putting lots of time and effort into this program as it is so close to my heart, as well as Mount Surf School providing all the equipment free of charge alongside lead coach Loz as my fellow assistant.

From you we ask only one commitment in return: Turn up every week without fail!

We ask this small commitment from you because there are a lot of people on the waiting list, all eager to attend.

For this reason, any student that fails to attend a session will forfeit their spot for the remainder of the program - with no exceptions.

Please don't rob others of the opportunity if you're sitting on the fence and not quite ready. 

Other than that we hope to see you Friday 26th of January at 5pm at the Mount Surf School HQ: Opposite 27 Marine Parade, Mount Maunganui.





  • AGE 7+
  • 90 mins
  • Mt maunganui




For those surfers who really want to get the most from their time in the water, private lessons are the way to go.

You’ll be amazed by how quickly you progress.

Available for individuals, couples, friends or larger groups that want their lesson exclusive!

Suitable for all skill levels – absolute beginners, intermediates or more experienced surfers.

  • AGE 18+
  • 90 mins
  • Mt maunganui




Want to learn to surf and get your stoke on surrounded by a group of epic women?

Then these structured, outcome oriented 5-Week Surf programs for women are just for you.

For women of all abilities, ages, and sizes.